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Internal Audit

With the changing regulatory requirements and increased inherent risk in various business processes, the role of internal audit has significantly gained importance. Although internal audit does not directly play role in providing various business solutions or maximizing profitability of the business, it play an important role in identifying critical processes, inherent risk involved, maximizing process efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Internal Audit helps the management in:

  • Understanding and assessment of risks
  • Identification of areas for system improvement
  • Ensuring optimum resource utilization
  • Ensuring compliance – internal and external
  • Reviewing and ensuring adequacy of management
  • Improving management information system

ProXcel is committed to deliver professional excellence and has very specialized team in the domain of internal audits. In relation to internal audits, ProXcel follows “Risk based and objects oriented approach” which requires more focus on the critical areas of business. The key focus areas of ProXcel Team are organization, people, working practices, communication and measurement and of course most important being client’s growth and shareholder’s wealth maximization.

Key attributes of our internal audit service are below:


An audit approach founded on risk analysis and management concerns, which is consistently applied worldwide


An independent view of control and operations from regular involvement with the business

Process Review

We broadly review the systems and the various processes so that the strengths of ERP solutions can effectively be harnessed along the “value chain” to optimize operations with the adoption of best global practices. 

Constant  interaction

Key to service delivery in this environment is the strong central co-ordination which will be delivered by a team headed by our partner. Our approach provides for regular meetings coupled with timely, consistent, forthright and constructive reporting of our findings and recommendations.


Throughout the audit process, we give feedback to client enabling them to take early action and avoid surprises.


At the end of the audit, we present our recommendations to Management in the form of a Report.


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