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India has a well-developed tax structure and the authority to levy taxes is divided between the central and state governments. The burden of direct taxes is directly falls on the taxpayer. Taxability in India is governed by tax residency of an individual during a fiscal year, which is based on the number of days an individual is physically present in India in a fiscal year.

In India the business tax environment is fairly complex and constantly evolving. To align with the increasing strategic and operational challenges of business transactions, the tax authorities have increased the compliance burden with the advent of technological advancements in the last few years.

Our direct tax experts delivers deep knowledge of tax laws to help businesses in complying with tax provisions along with bringing tax efficiencies. Our approach to serve the clients in the best possible manner forms the base of our services. Our direct tax service offerings includes:

  • Advising on direct tax matters, tax optimization & structuring  
  • Assistance in timely payment of taxes, computation and filing of tax returns
  • Assistance in obtaining various tax approvals & registrations from the tax authorities
  • Advising on transfer pricing matters including transfer pricing documentation
  • Tax diagnosis of companies to identify gaps and remediation plan
  • Litigation services and appearance before tax authorities

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