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Enterprises Risk Management Policy

An Organisation is exposed to number of risks in its ordinary course of business like any other business entity. This is inevitable, as there can be no entrepreneurial activity without the acceptance of risks and associated profit opportunities.

Risk Management Policy provides an overview of an enterprise-wide approach to risk management and illustrates examples of how this approach is implemented within the organization.

The purpose of the Enterprise Risk Management Framework is to:

  • Provide an overview of the principles of risk management
  • Explain approach adopted by the Company for assessment of business risk and their mitigation
  • Define procedures to manage the impact of all the business risk while addressing the business objectives, strategic goals and operating procedures
  • Develop a process to control and monitor risk on a periodic basis and develop procedures to report status on key business risks/exposures to senior management/Board of Directors on a periodic basis.
  • Define the reporting organisational structure for effective risk management

At Proxcel we offer to prepare a customized tailor made Risk Management Policy and framework to assess, manage and monitor risks within the organization.

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