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In today’s dynamic business environment, globalisation and modernisation has many upsides and downsides. Thousands of new businesses start-up every-day and the whole point of due diligence is to identify potential issues before you spend money. Before committing any transaction in acquisition process understanding of historical data of ‘Target Company’ is equally important as the potential for future growth of business is.

It’s impossible to look into the future, but thorough due diligence we can help you to minimize the risk and better understand the possible future state of the company you’re purchasing. We thoroughly analyze and validate financial, operational and strategic assumptions to reveal opportunities and bring potential dangers to light. With a through and comprehensive review of the gaps, risks, and costs associated with an acquisition, and providing valuable information whether it if Financial, Commercial, Operational or Legal, we help in ensuring success of an acquisition.

Our experts help you into pre and post deal due diligence, either from buy side or sell side, our team will provide a thorough analysis of data and recommendation to assist you in forming your business decisions. In addition to the above we also address a range of financial, commercial, accounting and operational issues as part of our due diligence process.

Our due diligence services includes followings:

Financial due diligence: It is an investigation and audit of the financials position of target company is focused and includes analysis of earning history, cash flows, future earning potential, working capital requirements, explore hidden assets and contingent liabilities etc.

Commercial Due Diligence: Commercial due diligence involves a comprehensive review of the company's business plan in the context of market dynamics in which company operates. More than financials assessment of target it includes forecast validation, assessment of operational stability and market dynamics in which company operates.

Operational Due Diligence: our operational due diligence process focuses on functional and operational effectiveness of the target company. It includes assessment of management team, relationship with key stakeholders, distribution network, customer relationships, human resource management, IT system etc.

Tax Due Diligence: The main objective of a tax due diligence is to determine the past, present and future tax liabilities of the target entity, including disclosed, undisclosed, realized and unrealized tax liabilities. 

Our objectives

  • Enhancing the buyers understanding of the target business and therefore increasing the chances of successful implementation of the deal and achievement of desired objective.
  • Helping businesses in taking a right and sound decision through identifying and understanding critical issues that work out as a success factor in proposed business transaction
  • Highlighting strengths that can be built upon or weaknesses that can be resolved. 
  • Identifying core strengths that could be used to cover drawbacks that inherently exists in the organization.

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