Fund Raising

Venture Capital and Private Equity Funding

Private Equity comes into picture when the company has established itself and is aiming for rapid expansion. Often, the value paid for owning a minority stake is higher. On the other hand, venture capitalists generally invest at the initial stage of the business.

We assist companies to access funds in the form of private equity/venture capital based on their growth/inception stage with mutually beneficial terms. Over the years, we have built up capabilities to provide expert advice on management strategies, structures and processes to get the funds at the best suitable terms.

Equity funding is very helpful for businesses specifically for the startups which don’t have past track record of profits and collateral securities for getting debt funding. The equity investor shares the risk as an entrepreneur.

Debt Syndication

We provide comprehensive services in the area of Debt Syndication and examines all factors of industry, economy and business while arranging debt resources for the businesses. We help the businesses to access the entire debt spectrum including Long term Debts, Short term Debts, Corporate Loans, Pre shipment Credit, Post shipment Credit, Bank Guarantee, Cash Credit Limit, Letter of Credit, Buyers Credit, Suppliers Credit etc.

Our strength lies in providing clear analysis by conducting in-depth study of the available funding options and assisting clients to decide suitable option. The entire process typically involves Preparation of Information Memorandum, Syndication for credit as required by the client, Post Sanction Follow Up and Assistance in legal documentation.

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