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Indirect tax advisory

India has dual tax structure and the right to tax subjects are distributed between the Central and State level. One of the peculiarities of indirect taxes is that they are very strongly intertwined with the economy. Compliances requirements for Indian Indirect Taxes are state and central specific.

Ever since inception, the Indirect Tax structure has remained a matter of concern for the economy and various business organizations. Indirect taxes exist in every area of a company’s business and have evidencing impact on a business directly or indirectly and requires to evolve a tax system to meet the government regulations and global competition.

Further, introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) i.e. a single tax which has replaced various indirect taxes levied by union and states altogether, will fill the loopholes in the current system and boost the Indian economy.

Our indirect tax professionals are update with the latest developments which have been on-going in the economy. Our indirect tax services includes:

  • Advising on Indirect tax laws such as Custom and Goods & Services Tax
  • Assistance in timely payment of taxes, computation and filing of tax returns
  • Assistance in obtaining various tax approvals & registrations from the tax authorities
  • To undertake careful upfront analysis of the tax costs involved in a transaction and help organization in exploring opportunities for tax optimisation
  • Tax diagnosis of companies to identify gaps and remediation plan
  • Litigation services and appearance before tax authorities

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