Business Valuation

In the competitive global business environment, requirement of valuation has significant increased for various purposes including mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, restructuring, tax planning etc.  Valuing businesses require understanding and analysis of a variety of complex factors including detailed technical knowledge of value drivers and in-depth knowledge of business and industry.

We provide high quality business valuation and advisory services for diverse transaction and reporting needs to start-ups, growth stage and well established companies, Private Equity and Venture Capitalists, Investment Bankers and Other entities both for commercial and statutory purposes.

Our team has a vast multidisciplinary practical exposure and rich experience in Valuation advisory services. Our range of valuation services includes followings:

Valuation for Merger/Acquisition

We advise clients on the fair value of businesses and help analysing targets for acquisitions. We also help clients in various strategic decisions making including divestment, business restructuring, computation of swap ratio for merger etc.

Valuation for regulatory compliances e.g. Income tax, Companies Act, FEMA, IFRS etc.

In the current regulatory environment, companies require valuation analysis for various regulatory and compliance purposes including Income Tax Act, Companies Act, 2013, FEMA, IFRS etc. We assist clients in assessing fair value of their business for these regulatory compliances.

ESOP Valuation

We assist clients in determining strike price for employee stock option plans and also carry out the valuation of options as on date on which the options were granted or on subsequent period for accounting and regulatory purposes.

Intangible Valuation

We help clients in valuing intangible assets like patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade names or brands, research and development assets, customer relationships etc.

Purchase Price Allocation

We assist our clients in Purchase price allocations for the fair value of assets (tangible/intangible) and liabilities that have been acquired consequent to a transaction. We also advise clients in understanding accounting impacts pre and post deal execution.  While carrying out the PPA, we also highlight issues around potential and subsequent goodwill impairment.


We assist our clients in the restructuring/re-organisation of their group structure by evaluating and analysing their core and non-core assets.

Impairment testing

We help clients in reviewing annual goodwill impairment by valuing each reporting unit and quantification of the amount of impairment, if any. 

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