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International taxation

International taxation presents arguably the most dynamic and complex challenge in the context of tax laws on income arising in foreign countries of Indian’s Residents and taxation of Non Residents and Foreign Companies on income arising in India. It refers to the study and determination of tax on a person or business in accordance with the international aspects of tax laws of different countries.

With the expansion of business globally and increase in cross border transactions, fiscal authorities are continuously developing their rules and regulations to govern trade in cross border nations. In order to increasing integration between countries, India has comprehensive Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements with Various countries.

At ProXcel, we aid our clients in obtaining knowledge about International Taxation laws and helps in bringing tax efficiencies while structuring any deal and tax compliances subsequently. Our range of services includes:

  • Advising on resident and non - resident income tax implications on International aspects of tax laws and international tax treaties
  • Advance Ruling applications for Non-Residents & Foreign Companies,
  • Structuring to minimise tax costs for NRI
  • Advice on withholding taxes compliance by a residents on the payment to non-residents
  • Taxation and adjustment on gain arising on Transfer Pricing etc.

Our professionals are trained to develop and implement strategies to manage resources, experience and competencies to help companies address all the aspects of their cross-border needs.

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