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Risk Advisory

An Organisation is exposed to number of risks in its ordinary course of business and this is inevitable, as there can be no entrepreneurial activity without the acceptance of risks and associated profit opportunities. The constantly changing business environment also embraces a large number of risks which corresponds to the market changes, changes in governmental policies, employee’s behavioural issues etc. and such risks call for a change in strategy in different aspects of an organization.

Proxcel’s Risk Advisory services approach start with the deep and broad understanding of our client’s business processes, understanding the market in which company operates their businesses, latest regulatory standards, understanding the process owner’s roles and responsibilities and valuable insights of the industry.

We consider the risks company faces, the way management controls these risks and the transparency of company's reporting to stakeholders. Our Services are designed to support your strategic goals while providing appropriate advice to maximize the potential of business.

Our team provides a range of Risk Advisory Services to assist clients in achieving their business objectives, identification, managing and mitigating risks, improving their business performance and regulatory compliances.

Our Risk Advisory Services cover the followings:

  • Risk- based Internal Audit
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Internal Financial Control (IFC)
  • Enterprise Risk Management Policy

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