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Payroll Outsourcing Services

Timely and proper payroll administration is an important aspect for any organisation therefore our focus is to provide cost-efficient payroll processing services and ensure greater efficiency resulting from streamlined operation. For any organisation, it is must that payroll should remain in the background and run reliably, cost-effectively and smoothly so that our client will feel free from the business compliances issue and concentrate their efforts on the key business operations.

Our experienced team undertakes the activities to the best of its capabilities by optimising administrative processes, and offer proven practical solutions to the clients in the following areas:

  • By issuing Form 16 a TDS Certificate indiscriminately to any company.
  • Monthly based tax calculations along with pay slips 
  • Department wise/cost centre wise salary summary details
  • Bank advice in respect of salary transfer
  • Filing of TDS returns wherever applicable
  • Reimbursements and loan management formalities involved in Processing.
  • Payroll reports to management
  • Development and deployment of time and attendance system
  • Facilitating payroll tax audits

The payroll solutions can be customized according to the client company’s mode of operation and short term and long term objectives which ensures specific business- based performance and client satisfaction.

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