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Compliance and outsourcing

Ensuring various compliances on timely basis is positioned high on every organisation’s agenda.

Back-office and support functions such as maintaining finance and accounting records, payroll processing and delivery, physical verification of goods, statutory compliances entail resources in terms of manpower, competence and accuracy, and significant time, all these translating these functions into a significant cost centre for an organisation.

While organisations, today like to focus more on their core business operations without compromising on their back-office and support functions, they wish to transfer back-office and support functions including compliance activities to such an outsourced services provider which is not only competent and knowledgeable but also brings cost savings to an organisation.

Efficient maintenance of accounting records, unfettered payroll delivery and timely compliances reduce risks, enable effective financial monitoring and control, and increase efficiency – advantages, named a few, can be endless!

At Proxcel, our Compliance and Outsourcing (C&O) Team offers outsourced book-keeping, payroll processing and other statutory compliances services in such a manner that businesses are benefited not only by timely and effective compliance but also get cost savings by outsourcing these compliances. The team packs with rich experience in providing accounting solutions and payroll processing services to various domestic and multinational clients.

With the regulators’ closely tracking the compliances in the country’s ever-changing tax and regulatory landscape when ensuring timely compliances become challenging, the C&O team’s poised approach combined with vast experience and competencies makes it all smooth and ensures that statutory requirements/procedures are strictly followed, thereby preventing any defaults. Our value for money approach is an added virtue along with our rich experience and knowledge base.

Our range of accounting and Book Keeping Services Includes

  • Accounting outsourcing services which includes maintenance of books of accounts on client specific accounting platform or on our accounting system.
  • Payroll outsourcing services
  • Accounts receivable and payable Management Services
  • Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements along with the Financial Reports
  • Physical verification of stocks and fixed assets
  • Outsourced CFO services

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