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Naveen Goyal

B.Com, FCA, DISA, LLB, Certificate Course on Valuation by ICAI, Diploma in IFRS by ACCA UK
Naveen Kumar Goyal is a Chartered Accountant, a bachelor of law and commerce graduate. He also holds certificate on Valuation by ICAI, Diploma in IFRS by ACCA – UK and is an Information System Auditor certified by ICAI (DISA).

Naveen specializes in the area of internal & external audit and business valuation services. His experience with Grant Thornton has given him wide experience in handling audits of multinational clients. Naveen is an active member in the northern chapter of ICAI and has prepared the study material for the certificate course on valuation of ICAI. In addition, he also drafted the Business Valuation Practice Standards notified by the ICAI as guidelines for valuers in relation to valuation exercises.

Sharul Agarwal

B.Com, FCA, Diploma in IFRS by ACCA – UK
Sharul is fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, and has over 10 years of post qualification experience with Grant Thornton and Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan. His experience with a leading accounting advisory firm and legal firm over the years has given him wide experience in analysing the issue with practical approach with providing acceptable solution. In addition has handled audits relating to indirect tax compliance of several multinational clients. He specializes in the area of GST, Custom advisory, opinion and compliances, SVB assessments, foreign trade policy matters, EOUs, STPIs and other related matters.

Manuj Singhal

B.Tech, MBA
Manuj Singhal is an engineer as well MBA graduate from Lal Bahadur Shashtri Institute of Management, Delhi and has been trained with one of the leading finance and accounting business process outsourcing company. His core area of specialization is business valuation for Merger & Acquisition, PPA allocation, Regulatory compliance, ESOP valuation etc. He has conducted numerous valuations under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and US GAAP including 409A Common Stock valuation, 142 Goodwill, 141 Purchase Price Allocation, 133 Derivative etc.

Sumit Goyal

B.Com, ACA (Indirect Taxation & compliance)
Sumit, an fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, specializes in the area of Indirect Taxation & compliance. His tenure with APRA and Associates, a specialized indirect taxation advisory firm has given him deep insight of various indirect tax related issues and advisory services.

Apoorv Singhal

B. Tech, FRM Level I CFA Level II Candidate
Apoorv is an Engineering graduate from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. He has been trained with one of the leading finance and accounting knowledge process outsourcing company. He specializes particularly in valuations required under IFRS, US GAAP and IndAS. His core expertise lies in research and advisory, business valuations, portfolio management, and other fairness opinions..

Rakshit Kochhar

B.Com, CMA
Rakshit is an all India rank holder of final examination conducted by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. He has been trained with pioneer Cost Accountants and Consulting firms. His tenure with a leading cost accountant firm has also given him wide experience in handling cost audits of multinational clients. He has extensive experience in the area of Costing, MIS, Budgeting, cost audits, development of costing system, CAS - 4 Certifications and Maintenance of cost Records.
He is specializes in Installation and Design of Costing System and product wise/component wise costing Reports. He has vast experience in preparing Cost Sheet which includes stage-wise cost, process wise cost, Overhead cost, Machine Hour rate, overhead allocation and apportionment to product cost.

Kushal Bansal

Kushal is an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a commerce graduate from Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University. He also holds Diploma in Information System Audit organized by ICAI (DISA). He has been handling Direct Tax related issues and compliance including Income Tax assessments and scrutiny cases; preparing Tax Audits for MNCs and various Joint ventures.

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